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A Helping Hand
Home Care Service

Get to know our team!

Indira has been with AHHHCS for 3 years!
As Field Supervisor she handles contracts, visitations, field supervisions, and manages the care of patients!

Fun Fact: I have twin boys!
Favorite Quote: "Seek peace and pursue it."
Favorite Dessert: Brownies!
Sheryl has been with AHHHCS for 3 years!
As Administrator she handles the execution of daily office operations, ensuring all patients and providers are happy, and so much more!

Fun Fact: I am a really good dancer!
Favorite Quote: "You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have."
Favorite Dessert: Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream!
Ashley is new to AHHHCS. As our Staffing coordinator department she handles all things employee care – from hiring, to benefits, to training,l!
Fun Fact: 
Favorite Quote: 
Favorite Dessert: 
Fun Fact: I love to dance, listen to music and spend time with family!
Favorite Quote: "Be thankful for what you have - You end up having more"
Favorite Dessert: Oreos and strawberry cheesecake!
Karen has been with AHHHCS for 6 years!
As an Alternate Administrator she works with our Administrator in doing a little bit of everything to help in the execution of daily office operations!
Fun Fact: My favorite show is 'Friends'!
Favorite Quote: "PIVOT!" -Ross Geller, Friends
Favorite Dessert: Chocolate Ice Cream!
Eliana has been with AHHHCS for 5 years!
As EVV Coordinator she handles schedule coordinating, authorizations, timesheets, and much more!

Laura has been with AHHHCS for  months!
As our Receptionist she handles phone calls, emails, fax and more!

Fun Fact:  'I love going to concerts"
Favorite Quote:  "Focus on the step in front of you, not the whole staircase."
Favorite Dessert: Strawberry Cheesecake

Along with our office staff, we have a team of 180+ amazing providers that make what we do here at AHHHCS possible!

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